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About the Bureau «KASHUBA DESIGN»

The main task of the International Bureau of Interior and Architecture "KASHUBA DESIGN" is the fulfillment of the customer's task. We quickly and efficiently, at reasonable prices, provide the really best integrated solution of your desires on your site! Each highly artistic interior, made by us, regardless of the area of the room and the cost - is a unique work of art, national treasure. "To do everything as best as possible" "Attention to details" "Continuous perfection" - Mission of the Bureau "Kashuba Design".

The purpose of our office is to make all your interior dreams come true! We do not realize our ambitions, we work in creative tandem with the customer!

Valery Kashuba

Head of the International Bureau of Interior and Architecture "KASHUBA DESIGN"

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Principles of the Bureau

Customers are always right

The consumer decides what and how we can do. The basis of value for us is the principle: the customer is always right. Proceeding from this principle, the concept of work is built, and for our clients a project is created or another service is implemented in the field of interior design and architecture

We appreciate the time of our customers

We appreciate the time of our customers, providing even an all-inclusive service! Our bureau promptly carries out exclusive authorial services from the idea to the implementation on a turnkey basis, including the activities of the general contractor, by coordinating legal and other issues!

We work in creative tandem with the customer

We create an individual and exclusive design project according to the wishes and preferences of each client, with thoughtful value, taking into account our experience and world practice

The work of the bureau is published

in specialized, professional and glossy publications, including jubilee and final special editions, on the covers of the magazines "Salondeluxe CLASSICS", "Saloninterior", "Best Interiors", "Home & Interior", "New Interiors", "Elite House" , "Pools and saunas", "Archidom". The International Bureau of Interior and Architecture "KASHUBA DESIGN" actively participates in the largest international exhibitions, forums, both in Russia and abroad.

Exclusive banners of exhibitions from «KASHUBA DESIGN»

The International Bureau of Interior and Architecture “KASHUBA DESIGN” actively participates in major international exhibitions and forums, both in the Russian Federation and abroad, and conducts some non-commercial exhibitions independently.

On the website of the KASHUBA DESIGN bureau in the sections: “Events, reports”, “News”, “Charity of Kashuba Design” we publish news from the first-hand and the hands, a number of actual author's articles on interior design and architecture written by experts. They will contain statistical materials, objective information about management, marketing, personnel policy, business in the creative industry sector - home interior design and much more related to everyday life and having high media potential.

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